We currently support the surgery and patients with various projects and donations.

Dementia Friendly Tai Chi

Dementia Friendly Thai chi sessions aimed at benefiting the local Dementia community and carers, both physically and mentally.

Physically it is a form of exercise that works the leg muscles that help with balance and coordination, reducing the number of falls. It enhances mobility and flexibility, improves posture, balance, strength and coordination. It also eases arthritis and fibromyalgia symptoms.

Emotionally it reduces stress in people with dementia and their carers as well as improves memory whilst reducing anxiety and depression.

Alivecor and Ipad

Funding sourced for AliveCor machines. The aim of this project is to increase people’s awareness of their pulse and to detect Atrial Fibrillation (AF) by a simple pulse check using an AliveCor.  These machines help early detection of AF, AF is a major risk factor for stroke, and stroke is a leading cause of disability impacting on an individual’s ability to live independently.

Family Fitness classes

Funding was completed for a 6 week Family Fitness course to give families that are not financially in a position to afford these classes an opportunity to benefit. The charity hopes to reduce social isolation, reduce chronic diseases in children, improve physical health, maintain mental wellbeing, increase healthy eating, and increase communication in families. These classes have been a focus in early 2020.

Portering chair

A portering chair is an ideal alternative to a wheelchair and will benefit patients needing transportation around the surgery. I.e. if a patient is sent to hospital, the portering chair will transfer them from the clinician’s room to the ambulance. A wheelchair does not comply with SMP regulations.

Singing for Lung Health

Various 6 week courses that cover the basic elements of singing for breath management, including relaxation, posture, breathing exercises, breathe control and use of the diaphragm, and how to put it all into practice through singing. Following the course, access to a choir is also available.

24 Hour blood pressure machine

A service Salisbury Medical Practice would love to offer patients but is not financially supported by the NHS.

The use of an ABPM can prevent patients having to take unnecessary medication if the high rate is due to being in ‘clinic’

The machine identifies how well patient medicines are working, to make sure they are controlling blood pressure through the day.

The machine also determines if blood pressure stays high at night which allows the change of medication needed.

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